Airlabs to showcase airbubbl at DISTREE

by Stuart Wilson, Monday 11 February 2019

Airlabs is one of the world’s leading pioneers in clean air technology. Its mission is to tackle the air quality crisis facing cities around the world.

Airlabs will participate at this month’s DISTREE Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) event to promote its airbubbl in-car air cleaner product.

DISTREE EMEA, which takes place from February 19th to 22nd in Monaco, gives brands the opportunity to hold pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with senior executives from top distributors, retailers and e-tailers from 50-plus countries in one place at one time.

Marc Ottolini, CEO at Airlabs, said: “Our objective at DISTREE is two-fold: identify and sign up well-positioned channel partners and raise awareness for this new and rapidly growing category of truly-effective in-car air purifiers.”

“Our main focus at DISTREE will be our airbubbl in-car air cleaner. The airbubbl is the first air cleaner that is scientifically proven to clean the air inside cars for both particles and gas pollutants. It is also by far the fastest and most effective air cleaner in the market. It is our ambition to make airbubbl the gold standard in this new consumer well-being category,” he added.

The airbubbl product was launched three months ago. Many countries in the world suffer from unacceptable and unhealthy levels of air pollution, which has led to a global epidemic of diseases, making air pollution the biggest environmental killer in the world, according to Airlabs.

“In the EMEA region the air quality is particularly bad in East Europe, but more broadly the vast majority of larger cities in Europe and around the world exceed safe limits and therefore will have a need for airbubbl. Channel-wise we see massive opportunities both in the B2C and B2B sectors,” explained Ottolini.

“Giving people clean air to breathe is a serious matter, we are dealing here with the health and well-being of people. This is not a space for gimmicks, this requires products that have a proven effectiveness. airbubbl is currently the only product that meets this standard, underpinned by patented technology. This is an opportunity for distributors and retailers to benefit from our first-mover advantage and our international media coverage,” he added.

Airlabs believes that channel partners will play an important role in driving awareness of this new product category. The company is committed to a channel model based on long-term loyalty and plans to grow its product range in future.

“Airlabs supports channel partners with pro-active customer support, informative marketing material, impactful digital marketing, strong media relations and also product endorsement by health-related authorities and associations,” Ottolini explained.

“Public awareness of the impact of air pollution on people’s health, performance and well-being is rapidly increasing. Until now a truly effective product for cleaning the air inside cars was not available. With airbubbl there is now an effective solution that consumers in rapidly increasing numbers are recognising,” he added.

Airlabs is fanatical about giving consumers the best products as well as a great customer experience. To achieve this, the company works closely together with its channel partners to deliver on its brand promise.

Ottolini concluded: “airbubbl is the first consumer product in a range of products that Airlabs plans to launch to help consumers understand their exposure to air pollution and improve the quality of the air that they breathe. We work closely together with international experts in respiratory diseases and occupational health issues as well as with numerous government agencies around the world. Our R&D labs are one of the largest privately-held clean air technology centres in the world.”