Flapit begins shipments of customizable social metrics counter for business

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Available to order from 2016, Flapit displays metrics across eleven online platforms

Flapit (www.flapit.com) is the first physical counter to connect with all major social media platforms. Inspired by the iconic 1960s split-flap design, Flapit is a powerful, interactive marketing tool backed by a growing suite of software tools available for free to Flapit users.

With nearly two thirds*of customers saying they are more likely to trust a business with a social media following over a business without one, Flapit allows brands to show off social metrics (such as likes, followers, review scores and check-ins) and encourage customer engagement, helping bridge the gap between online and offline environments.

With six alpha-numeric split-flaps, Flapit can display metrics up to 999,999 alongside pre-installed logos for one of eleven leading online platforms; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, Instagram, Tripadvisor, Swarm, Foursquare, Weibo, Zomato, VKontakte and Google Analytics. When not showing a logo, the counter can display metrics of up to 9,999,999.

Flapit is designed for small businesses, agencies and brands alike and can be placed anywhere: in a store window, at the point of sales or on the wall of an office, restaurant or hotel lobby.

In 2016, Flapit’s offering is extended beyond the physical counter with a growing suite of software services included in the purchase price. A virtual Flapit can be embedded in customer websites and used as a real-time online display of social followers while acting as a CTA with the aim of increasing traffic conversion to

social pages compared to existing, logo-type buttons. Flapit also offers customizable short URL creation, which can be used to advertise URLs in offline locations on the counter itself. More services are soon to follow as Flapit aims to build out its software offering in 2016 having introduced its API in 2015 allowing users to display any figures of their choice.

CEO and founder, Christophe Avignon, said: “Social media is more important for businesses than ever before, driving increased engagement and two-way customer interaction online. Flapit builds on this by taking social media into the shop floors, *Survey of 1,020 US and UK consumers undertaken in September 2014 through Google Insights stores, hotels, restaurants and offices - helping businesses boost brand awareness, engagement and increase consumer trust while growing their online following.”

“But in 2016 we decided we wanted to go one further and integrate the counter into a wider suite of social media marketing services that incorporate both offline and online marketing tools. Our aim is to be a one-stop shop for social media ROI optimization.” The counter is available to order via the Flapit website as of 2016. The Flapit counter will cost $449 USD (£299 GBP / EUR 449) exclusive of shipping or VAT

(where applicable).

Flapit will be exhibiting at DISTREE EMEA 2016.

The full Flapit press kit is available here: https://www.flapit.com/assets/Flapit-Press-Kit.zip

Technical information:

• Every Flapit weighs in at 3kg (6.6 lbs).

• Flapits are shipped with AC adapters that can be powered by 110V and 220V.

• The AC adapter provided comes with interchangeable plugs that can be used

in a majority of global territories.

About Flapit:

Founded in 2014, Flapit is the first social media counter focused on businesses and connected to all major social media platforms. Engaging and easy to use, Flapit helps businesses to get offline customers to join their online community. At the same time, Flapit displays social media fan bases in physical environments to showcase Internet popularity and grow social traffic through an offline touch point. Customizable in appearance and application, Flapit helps its users make every customer count.

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