BleepBleeps make sleepytime easier with Suzy Snooze!

British tech brand BleepBleeps will introduce delegates at DISTREE EMEA 2017 to their latest connected device. Suzy Snooze, an all-in-one baby monitor, sleep trainer and nightlight, has been co-created with the UK’s biggest parenting community, Mumsnet.

Suzy Snooze helps young children get to sleep, stay asleep as well as learn healthy sleeping habits. Its Sleep Sequence function uses patterns of light and sound to induce sleep at bedtime, before turning into a constant nightlight, to fill the room with a cosy light needed to create the consistent and calm environment to help children stay asleep. At a time set by the parent or guardian, Suzy’s hat gently pops up to let children know it’s time to get up, allowing both children and the whole family get a better night’s rest.

Suzy Snooze can also be connected to the BleepBleeps app, allowing parents to monitor their child’s sleep via a smartphone and making it easy to schedule and log sleep routines for children, even recommending unique sleep schedules for children based on their age.

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