QLIPP to launch new smart tennis accessory at DISTREE EMEA 2017

QLIPP PLUS - "World's First Smart Tennis Dampener"

QLIPP has launched the first smart tennis dampener in the world, QLIPP PLUS. With the latest rubber sheathing, the QLIPP PLUS tennis sensor can be used on any tennis racquet like a dampener. Attach QLIPP PLUS like a dampener with our patented twist and lock technology, connect it to our free mobile application and all your stroke data is transferred to the application

With every stroke, you can now measure your speed, spin and sweet spot in real time.

The application now comes with features like progress & calorie monitoring to make sure you are getting the most out of your tennis sessions. Start setting monthly goals and track your progress easily with the new health summary. Refine your techniques with regular use and compare your progress with the Qlipp community.

The video recording mode on the application also gives you visual information about your game by synchronizing your individual strokes to the video. Review your strokes by slow motion video playback to improve your footwork or posture.

Take advantage of the full QLIPP experience with our (free) monthly application updates.

About 9 Degrees Freedom/ QLIPP™

Singapore-based 9 Degrees Freedom is a product design think-tank founded by Donny Soh and Cen Lee, both avid sporting enthusiasts who share a passion for creating innovative lifestyle sports technologies. The company’s flagship product, the QLIPP™ Tennis Performance Sensor, is a revolutionary smart sensor and accompanying mobile app (for iOS and Android) that delivers real-time stroke data and visual insights so players can improve their performance. QLIPP boasts multiple accolades including the winner of the German Design Award 2016 and finalist of the Sports Technology Awards 2016. For more information,

visit: qlipp.com

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