Introducing uHoo - the smart indoor air sensor

uHoo has developed the most advanced indoor air sensor that detects 9 air quality parameters in one device the size of a coffee mug. All the data, alerts, insights and recommendations are available to users via a mobile app, and to enterprises also a web dashboard, to help create healthier and safer homes and workplaces.

According to the US EPA, indoor air is two to five times worse than outdoor air but people spend up to 90% of their time indoors. uHoo monitors the most number of air quality factors in one device and provides data, insights and recommendations on how to improve it – all in real time. The uHoo device is the size of a coffee mug and works together with the uHoo mobile app and web dashboard.

“There are significant issues in workplace health and wellbeing resulting in healthcare costs going up and productivity going down, which affect every company’s bottom line. Majority of these is in the indoor environment where air quality is the most crucial component. You need the proper monitoring and management mechanisms in order to obtain insights and take appropriate action” said Dustin Onghanseng, co-founder and CEO of uHoo.

uHoo recently announced that it has secured Bridge funding ahead of its Series A. The round was led by Wavemaker Partners with co-investment from Seeds Capital, a real estate developer, and angel investors. East Ventures, an existing investor of uHoo, also participated in this round. For more information about the funding announcement click here.


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