Timekettle Technologies - the Next Era of AI Translator at DISTREE EMEA

Founded in 2016, Timekettle Technologies is committed to building a global brand of AI translator by integrating industry-leading technology and innovative design through the combination of artificial intelligence algorithm and hardware technology.

WT2 Plus is the world’s first AI-powered translation system implementing “1+2” interaction mode (1 App controls 2 Earphones), WT2 Plus stands for Wearable Translator for 2 people, Plus indicates an upgrade from original WT2, as Timekettle has been developing this AI translator for nearly 2 years.

By integrating advanced voice algorithm and machine translation technology, WT2 Plus delivers hands-free and natural cross-language communication, regardless of language barriers. It is the first AI translator that enables users to talk freely in different languages, while keeping interaction necessity like eye contact and body language.

Meet Timekettle at DISTREE EMEA 2019

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